Thursday, March 16, 2006

Finally, It Comes Out

Salon posted 279 photos and 19 videos from Abu Ghraib. They're here for now. For how long, who knows?

Is this all of it? What do you think? They don't seem to think so, and neither do I.

Go look at them. Tell me if that looks like "fraternity pranks" to you. Note the escalation in cruelty and inhumanity. Remember that at least 90% of these people were completely innocent of ties to terrorists - when they went in.

Go look at them. Especially if you're American, and especially if you supported the war in Iraq. You owe it to them to take a good look at what you supported.

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J's Girlfriend said...

Despite me not personally supporting the war, I think it's a bit simple to say that what happened at Abu Ghraib could be used to tell the people who did how wrong they were. There has been terror of some kind in Iraq for a long time, and the presence of the US merely changed its perpetrators. The kind of abuse going on in US-led Iraqi prisons could probably be found in Guantanamo and most likely within the US's own prisons as well; it is something that happens when you put uneducated and bored people in charge of people they have been taught to despise.

The best argument against the war would be to point to how the US really has failed to follow through on its promises to support and rebuild the country after tearing it down. And that you knew that would happen all along, really.