Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter (or, Moody Beats on the Bushites With Christianity)

As "conservatives" and Bushites are the first to crow about their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and that anyone that doesn't agree that Bush was "divinely ordained" as President is a Godless, secular-humanist liberal, let's just see how the Right lives up to the teachings of the Prince of Peace - thanks to Glenn Greenwald, whose blog I was reading when this struck me:

The Right's best-selling author calls liberals traitors and urges that they be beaten with baseball bats and attacked with bombs. Its most popular radio talk show host -- with his 20 million daily followers -- has spent the last 20 years urging that liberals be deported and praising the kidnappings of his political opponents, while other favorites on Right-wing radio routinely call for the imprisonment of leading Democrats. Similarly, some of the Right's favorite commentators have urged that those who espouse liberalism be tried for sedition, or worse.

One favorite right-wing commentator has written two books - one devoted to showing that liberals are mentally ill, and the other defending the internment of innocent American citizens in prison camps. The Right's leading elected officials and pundits just in the last couple of years have repeatedly taken to threatening federal judges who issue opinions they dislike.
And yet, somehow, it's the Left that's angry. Yeah.

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Happy Easter!