Saturday, April 29, 2006

They Think We're Cheap

The Republicans want to buy our votes at a hundred bucks a pop.

"To offset higher gas prices"? Puh-leeze. A hundred bucks is three tanks of gas now, and I have a small, fuel-efficient car. God help the Hummer driver or the owner of a twenty-year-old beater, because this sure won't.

And aren't we running at record deficits? Where is this money coming from, Tinkerbell?

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Floyd said...

Hey, thanks for excepting my blog, I have the national debt clicking in my sidebar, and yes it is a massive number and next week I believe congress is going to vote again on "net neutrality," click on the Icon at the top of my side-bar to see where your rep. stands on the issue, I have a picture of one hold out in my state who wants big corperations like AT&T and Comcast controlling the internet, the ones who pay them the most, well thier pages open faster.
Hey thanks again, you have a great blog.