Wednesday, May 03, 2006


First, let's all give a nice, warm, Southern (California) Howdy, y'all to my newest tenant over there in the thumbnail, Within Reason. Floyd's a fellow history buff - though I doubt he caught it from gaming like I did.

Also, there's been talk lately about posting the personal contact information of people that piss you off, and my response was to sign on at a site strongly against the practice - take note, Ms. Malkin - called Online Integrity which showcases over "one hundred eighteen" other signatories - from My Left Wing to Little Green Footballs. Yeah, one of the few times I'd be happy to be on a page that links to LGF. Anyway lives, fortunes, sacred Honour, &etc.

And they linked me as Electric Darwinism. Was going to complain until I realized I didn't give a crap. Link goes here, good enough for me.

What else? Yeah, I hear some guy gave a speech at some dinner that was pretty funny.

And, last but certainly not least, Doug Thompson over at Capitol Hill Blue is beginning to sound a lot like, well, me.

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