Monday, July 03, 2006

Still nothing on Online Integrity

Come on, fellow signatories on the Right. You can do it.

Like this:

I condemn the actions of any blogger, right or left, that publishes the home address or phone numbers of private citizens when there is an obvious presumption that intimidation tactics and threats will be made against those individuals. That includes reporters; that includes bloggers; that includes Michelle Malkin. (I specifically condemn, yes, the site Michelle Malkin links to with Malkin's purported personal info.) This are the usual standards of the press, and these standards exist for transparently obvious reasons.

I most emphatically condemn anyone who believes that targeting the families of reporters is a valid tactic, whether politically motivated or otherwise. I do not believe children should be targeted in acts of intimidation against their parents, and I condemn any person who does.

Hunter's words, because I got to chase kids this afternoon and evening instead of working on my post.

Here's a recap from Glenn Greenwald, in case you don't know what I'm talking about:

The reprehensible lynch mob hysterics - Michelle Malkin, John Hinderaker, Red State, David Horowitz - spent the weekend screaming that the Times was guilty of gross recklessness and/or a deliberate intent to have Rumsfeld killed, by virtue of publication of this article. That bloodthirsty frenzy caused other bloggers to publish the home address and telephone number of Spillers and urged that other NYT editors and reporters be "hunted down." Other followers of Malkin and Hinderaker suggested to their readers that this was yet more evidence of the unpatriotic recklessness of the NYT.

Go ahead, right-wingers and Bushites. It won't kill you. Show some Online Integrity.

Unless, of course, you're okay with threatening children over a false story.


Peter Porcupine said...

Hey, you got me! I was maliciously outed from my identity by a liberal Dem who was hoping I'd be fired for writing a conservative blog in Massachusetts.

I didn't get fired, and he got banned from LeftyBlogs!

No excuse for that kind of crap.

safira said...

Regardless of political leanings, spirtiual beliefs, or personal ethics, publishing what should be private information that could potentially harm individuals, and in particularly children should be prosecuted mercilessly. We live in a nation that supports (or is supposed to) free speech. People need to remember that if something is repugnant to them, there is always the option to not read, listen or pay attention to it. I fully support this, and was disappointed to not be able to participate (I went to the site). However, when and if they come up with a banner/button, I will proudly display it on my site.