Thursday, July 06, 2006

This Space For Rent: Apparently, I'm Not a Pornographer Yet.

Good morning! Yes, Gentle Reader, I have one bid to rent my thumbnail space this week, and it's from Vixen's blog, The Daily Dildo.

Although I admit to some trepidation following the link, what did I find on the other end but a female Moody Loner! Perhaps the black template should have tipped me off.

After discovering why was taken - but here, let me let Vixen tell you about herself. I quote:

Health Info/Law Student, '77 born Scorpio, Animal Welfare Activist, Collect dragons, dragonflies, Comedy/Tragedy masks, animal prints, art, lighthouses, windmills, Scooby Doo, and penises.
I have an oral fixation that's only gotten worse since quitting smoking. And when I go shopping I have to touch everything. Who am I kidding? It's not just when I'm shopping.
I write poetry, perhaps badly. I can never finish anything. I get so far done then have a *brilliant* idea that sends me off in an entirely different direction.
I hate animal abuse, most people, boredom, wasting time, chicken-shits, people who try to shove religion down my throat, people who try to shove anything down my throat, hypocrites, cowards, and liars.
If I picked a religion it'd be Wicca.
I have a sardonic personality, perfectionistic, calculated, and frigid till I'm thawed out with car keys, cash, jewelry, and a pretty good lay.
Emphasis mine. Not nearly an exact match, but I wouldn't wish that on her. And, were I a woman, I'd have probably called my blog The Daily Dildo too.

Go now, and show her some Electronic Darwinism love. Or, at least, some Electronic Darwinism casual affection.

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