Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Week in Review: The Downward Spiral

Looking back on this week, and remembering that it's been a while since I've discussed fascism, we have this little gem from CorrenteWire. Once again, Chimpy demonstrates the truth of that well-known Latin proverb, Stercorum pro cerebrum habes.

As to the title of my post, let me refer you to Hunter at Daily Kos, who has written two of my columns this week. Literally - as when I read them to my wife, she thought I had written them.

First, we have A Handy Guide to Translating the Internets. I hereby preemptively apologize to the children and little old ladies that Blog Explosion sends my way for any horsefucker I may drop from here on in. You have been warned.

More directly at Chimpy McHorsefucker and his threatened Iranian adventures, we have No Bets, wherein Hunter - as I have - swears off ever saying "But Bush can't possibly be stupid enough to [fill in example of crack-addled, howling-at-the-moon, underpants-on-the-head lunacy]. He just can't."

Here we have Sara Robinson, guest-blogging at Orcinus, ask the profound philosophical question, "Where did all these wackadoodles come from?"

Finally, Glenn Greenwald brings it home, talking about the people who were wrong about the war in Iraq. People not me.

Take care, Gentle Reader, until next time.

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