Tuesday, September 05, 2006

And You Wonder Why I Homeschool

Apparently, ABC and the Scholastic Corporation have no problem with basing lesson plans on a "docudrama"

Sure, call me a horrible parent - but I'd like, when my daughter learns history, for her to learn actual history instead of historical fiction.

I could be being too hard on the Scholastic Corporation - the lesson plan could be "how to make a bunch of shit up and have a national network portray your political hackery as actual historical events".

More about it on Firedoglake. Now I'm off to teach my daughter basic addition with Dungeons and Dragons.

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Rudicus said...

I'm glad they killed this mini-series, but this situation is insane. I'm dumbfounded that Scholastic would do this, but then who knows how much they've been infiltrated.

I just found your site through Blg rocket and I'm enjoying reading through some of your posts. It's a nice change from some of thenonsense I've been reading lately.