Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Okay, let's explore this.

I would think appeasement would be, say, letting Osama bin Laden walk free. Wait, my bad - he does have the stricture of "behaving peacefully".

This, by the way, for the Bush voters out there who haven't figured it out yet, is a tactit admission that Al-Qaeda owns Waziristan. Afghanistan? That's going to the Taliban.

Don't you think that this falls under "letting the terrorists establish a safe haven"? Sure, they'll take Iraq if they can get it - and I fail to see how our sacrifice of American soliers and half a trillion dollars hs done anything to stop them - but thanks to a President that can't chew gum and ride a Segway at the same time they have a good-sized portion of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

And signing off on this? That would be appeasement. Thank you, President Chamberlain.

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