Thursday, September 07, 2006

He Admits It.

The President of the United States of America admitted on national television that - by his orders - the CIA runs a network of secret gulags.

What's the worst part of this story? The worst part is that nobody is surprised by this.

Oh, and here's another look at one of the criminal masterminds that were so evil that we needed to abandon the Constitutional government that faced down the Soviet Union.

Yeah, that guy that looks like Ron Jeremy with a hangover.

Here's the story of another one. I bring this up because Chimpy McWar Criminal was careful to assure us that everyone in U.S. custody is an evil, hardened terrorist.

Who's the fascist again? My vote is for the guy with the secret torture gulags.


al-fallujah said...

oh wait. the jesusland usa has torture and killing gulags? noooooooo!!! y'all lying...y'all lying!! didn't cundy and bush.killer already say they don't torture people? what other evidence do you people need?

mary blackchurch said...

So's mine (vote)..beware the self-proclaimed 'justice watcher.' More evil has been done in the name of good than any other.

To al-fallujah

Perhaps hard to believe..but not all of us are blinded by the lusterless light of the present powers that be.