Friday, September 08, 2006

Lo, How the Mighty have Fallen

I was surfing for credits over at Blog Soldiers, when guess who came up on the rotation?


Yes, that Redstate. The site that was supposed to be the Right's answer to Daily Kos is there on Blog Soldiers pimpin' for hits right alongside my crappy little blog.

Which makes Redstate the Right's answer to Electronic Darwinism.

I laugh. Ha, I say, and welcome to my 'hood, Redstate. I wonder if they chose Blog Soldiers because they thought it sounded manly? I chose it because it sounded like a good place to piss off wingers and Bushites.

UPDATE: Three blogs later, I see Powerline. Yes, that Powerline. Why don't you guys come over to Blog Mad (using that referral link to your right, natch) so that I can rate you down, too? Maybe that's why you chose Blog Soldiers - no rating system.

I wonder if I still have a Redstate account, and gloating about this is worth burning it? You know I'm getting banned the first time I post there.

Enjoy this schadenfreude moment - now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

1 comment:

Kender said...

surf BS long enough and Kos shows up too