Saturday, September 30, 2006

This Space for Rent: Three Amigos

Yup, that time again - and we have some first-class entrants vying for the thumbnail space to the right - so much so that I accepted he oldest so that the bid wouldn't expire while I was deciding.

You know, that'd go much more smoothly if I could outsource the process to a Decider.

Naah. Do you know how much it costs to feed a chimp?

Anyway, first, let's shout-out to With Sticks and Stones - a site after my own heart, but they have a writing team and everything! Props to the move and the story about a Canadian not holding the United States solely responsible for the torture of Maher Arar, and this one's going on my blogroll.

Even though they're the reason Electronic Darwinism doesn't have a logo. Dammit.

Next up, we have Driving Barefoot. Yeah, more right-wing than my usual fare, but ParaTed2k is an old friend from the Blog Explosion Shoutbox days, and I personally vouch that he's cool. Besides, anyone that likes guitar and guns as much as I do can't be all bad. Actually, anyone that likes guitars and guns like I do, and dresses like I do, is pretty fricking scary - but let's not go into that, shall we?

Rounding up our three, we have Bozette's Pictures from My World - yes, yet another person on God's green Earth that's better with a camera than I'll ever be. Good for mellowing out, and in these times I'll take every opportunity I can. Particularly liked the Utah pics.

There you have it, stop by and tell them Moody Loner sent you - and try not to frighten anyone, I link to these people.


Black Stache said...

My fiends @ El Jay and MS now know of you. Expect a spike in the ol' user stats.

Swim, my fishies. SWIM!

El Piscador, aka your future roommate at Club Med Gitmo

parated2k said...

Hey thanks SB Buddy! Glad to hear there is life for you after all. ;~D

Thanks for the shout out, always great to be around someone else who knows that guns and cameras are basically the same...

Point and shoot... right?

I'll have to come up with something with extra rightwing punch to it, just for your readers who kick off their shoes and come drivin' barefoot in my van. ;~D