Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Well, screw it.

Was going to opine on the Foley/Hastert mess, but Blogger is being even more squirrely than usual, so I'll let Glenn Greenwald do it.

Oh, and here's SusanG at the front page of Daily Kos with her take on the Administrations postponed propaganda event.

Speaking of Daily Kos, LondonYank has been on fire regarding recent events in the Middle East. Here's yesterday's diary regarding the force buildup, and today's continuance.

Okay, now to see if this posts and go check on my daughter. She's been way too quiet...


The Wager Witch said...

About Foley: I absolutely think that this will have a direct result on the election.

But to be VERY honest - I personally think Foley is being used to cover up the more significant Bill that the President is planning on signing.

One that is amazingly hidden and very quiet right now.

The Port Security Bill. FRIST tacked on the Online Gambling measures to it - and if you haven't read it - you actually need to sit down and read it. It makes gambling online a banking issue - and it allows the US Govt to invade privacy - by making your ISPs and banks report your actions - plus SO MUCH MORE! It invades every US Citizen's privacy!

If you're into Democracy and NOT a Dictatorship then take a moment and read this bill and pass the information around - regardless of your political or religious beliefs. Or whether you're into gambling or not.

Las Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City are alright - Tribal casinos are alright, bingo halls in churches - friendly poker games, state lotteries, Horse Races are all fine - but a person cannot choose to gamble in their own home - online - AND THE BANKS and ISPs are going to be MADE the WATCHDOGS... And remember that the AMERICAN PUBLIC is doing what they want - without hurting ANYONE ----- ON MONEY THAT THEY'VE ALREADY BEEN TAXED ON!!!

Please - help spread the word before October 13th and don't let the FOLEY issue hide the truth that the US is getting closer to a Dictatorship.

Thanks for your commentary on your blog - and for letting folks comment!

Wager Witch -
Gambling free bonuses, Industry information, fun casino commentary and no deposit freebies! A visitor of other blogs and commenter on lots of cool people's sites!

Moody Loner said...

Nope, no agenda here. And what part of this invades our privacy any more than the warrantless wiretapping and loss of habeas corpus?

Nevertheless, I aproved the previous comment because Frist slipping this into the Port Security bill is an abomination - by which I mean that it's just the way Republican'ts do business.