Friday, November 17, 2006

Politically Correct Inclusiveness in our Higher Learning Institutions

Here's the video. Not for children. Pobably not work-safe, especially if you work for UCLA and/or the LAPD - as I'll call them from now on, the Defendants.

Perhaps you are unaware of the effects of being tasered. Let me assure you, Gentle Reader, that unless you're dangerously psychotic or whacked out on PCP the last thing you'd be capable of after being tasered is getting up.

At least people wee willing to confront the police ad tell them to back down. Of course, for their pains, they got threatened with their very own tasering.

All because the guy wouldn't show his papers.

Take a good hard look. Is this what you want our society turning into?


John said...


Dustin said...

I saw this earlier today and it's just plain sick. This is what we're becoming, and I'd hope that people refuse to let it go as far as this on a regular basis. I hope the guy sues the crap out of them...

Ricardo said...

Getting hit with a taser pretty much renders you useless. It's sickening to see them issuing ultimatums to get up or get hit again. Looks to me like they have no clue of how their toys work or were getting the kicks by repeatedly hurting this man. My bet is the latter. Is there any law enforcement body more controversial than the LAPD? They seem to be a paramilitary.