Thursday, November 16, 2006

This Space for Rent: The Gang of d4 Once More

Looks like we have some new faces and some old friends dropping y to try and rent the thumbnail space to your right. Introductions are in order. Gentle Readers, meet:

JCM's RPG art: Character portraits and NPCs for paper-and-pencil roleplaying games. Focuses on Storyteller. Bust out some more D&D NPCs there, d00d!

Tom Jackson Online:
News, current events, and entertainment news from the UK. Go for the Michael Jackson mockery.

Pictures From My World: Bozette's photoblog currently featuring sculptures from Waupun, WI. Art, photography, and sculpture fans rejoice.

Advertising for Success: Advice on advertising, monetizing, and other ways to use your blog as a revenue stream - at least, more in-depth than my brief flirtation with Google Adsense. Yes, a yer and a half is a brief flirtation. I'm old-fashioned.

The winner of the impartial black d4 roll is Tom Jackson Online, but please visit all of this week's bidders, and tell them Moody sent you.

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