Saturday, January 06, 2007

Local News: Hate and Death Threats from KSFO Winger Radio

Yeah, I need to pay more attention to local issues.

Thanks to Spocko, who I can't link to because Disney bullied his ISP into shutting down his blog (UPDATE: Spocko's Brain Lives! Here's a link to Spocko's blog), I found out about local radio station KSFO's contributions to civility and moderation in political debate.

And there's no way in hell I can put enough sarcasm on that.

Here's some more light reading on the subject - oh, and don't take my word for it, have a listen for yourself:

Brian Sussman tells caller to say 'Allah is a whore'

KSFO caller suggests bombing Syrian mosques

Brian Sussman wants military weapons in his home

Brian Sussman says he doesn't have to tolerate Islam

Brian Sussman says we should cut off detainee fingers and penises

Melanie Morgan and Ann Coulter say liberals should be executed

Coulter and Morgan say Bill Keller should be executed - sound effects by Officer Vic

Brian Sussman says Islam is a false religion

Officer Vic wants to send a hit team after photojournalists

More laughter about Bill Keller in the electric chair

Honky talk-show host is offended because Sen. Obama is a 'halfrican'

Paint a bullseye on Rep. Nancy Pelosi?

More bullseye talk about Rep. Pelosi

Morgan accuses SF Chronicle of 'blacking up' Richard Pombo

KSFO crew says 'dig up Rachel Carson and kill her again'

Coulter says 'at least they hit some UN peacekeepers'

Morgan says 'hang the NY Times editors'

KSFO crew wants to kill liberals

KFSO crew says 'liberal tree should be pruned'

KSFO crew says liberals should be 'stomped to death'

KSFO crew says 'gonna track that e-mail down and do something unpleasant to his cojones'... then Melanie does a live spot for Brite Smile

KSFO crew says 'then, attack the NY Times'

KSFO caller says Bill Keller should be 'lined up and shot'. KSFO crew says 'skip the trial'

KSFO says 'unpleasant things are going to happen to stupid liberals'

Lee Rodgers talks about civility, then says 'someone should have belted that chinless bitch a long time ago' This one is just precious.

Lee says we need to kill millions of Muslims in Indonesia

Lee says the AP should commit mass suicide

Lee suggests hooking a Sears DieHard battery to someone's testicles, then blowing them away

mp3 audio clips in zip (with KSFO contact info)

wma audio clips in zip (with KSFO contact info)

Hat tip to Ripley and Online Blogintegrity.

Oh, hey - KSFO's contact info sort of snuck in there. I'm sure they're looking forward to hearing from you about this.

I can think of some other people who would love to hear your rational, nonpolitical argument on the value of hate speech and incitement to murder as a means of marketing their products. I'll post contact info from them as soon as I can get it - and if I can figure out how to spam-proof it. You may have to contact me at the link in my profile for the list - but I assure you, the need these people and businesses have to hear from you about this is worth the extra effort.

Update: RJB has posted more contact information at his blog. Remember, these advertisers are (or should be) just as horrified at how KSJO is selling their products and services as you are. They signed up for family-friendly Disney Radio, not hate and calls to murder.

Update: Here's a preliminary list of those good people that need to hear your concerns regarding this matter:


Agape Village


Agape Village Foster Family Agency

209 824-5365

American Diabetes Association




Benchmark Lending


Best Buy


BFS Retail & Commercial Operations LLC a subsidiary of Bridgestone Americas Holding, Inc.


Big O Tires (TBC Corp) via Sumitomo Corporation of America


BMW of North America LLC.


Bridgestone Americas Holding, Inc.

Bright Smile


Cache Creek


California Teachers Association

Check 'n Go


Choice Hotels International


Cingular Wireless

Cyber Mesa Telecom


Eastern Furniture

FedEx Experian

847 517 5600

Frontier Airlines


HMS Capital

Home Depot

HoMedics Inc..




In and out Hamburgers


Infineon Raceway at Sears Point

800-870-RACE ext. 137

John M. Cummuta


Kaiser Permanente

Learning Annex Real Estate and Wealth Expo 1800-US ANNEX

(212) 371-0280 (an operating business of IAC/InterActiveCorp )


Michigan Economic Development Corporation

(517) 335-1871

Microsoft Dynamics

Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc.

888-560-MMSA (6672)

Nestlé Purina PetCare Company


New York Life Insurance Company


OSH (part of Sears Holdings)

847-286-9036 (Automated Finance Corporation)

(877) 688-6325

Pacific Gas and Electric Company


Preparation H (Wyeth)

Pulte Homes, Inc.


Riviana Foods

Shreve and Company Jewelers

(415) 421-2600


Sutter Health


Taylor Made Water Systems


The Jewelry Exchange -Goldenwest Diamond Corporation


The Jewlery Exchange

Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc


Verizon Wireless

(805) 372-6969

Visa Security Play (Visa U.S.A., Inc.)


Window Broker


Zuffa, LLC. (parent of UFC : Ultimate Fighting Championship)

Already we have an update. Looks like Spocko's getting a new site. Looks like this is all over teh intertubes. Looks like the San Francisco Chronicle is about to get involved. Fun times.

Oh yeah, 'cause Disney's lawyers are going to find this:

I have posted links to these files in accordance with Fair Use guidelines, for non-profit, non-political, and educational purposes only. Any resemblance to political statements supporting or opposing these statements is purely coincidental, and probably all in your imagination. This post is as apolitical as...ummm...Path to 9/11.

Also, defending loathsome incitements to murder based on people's skin color, religious beliefs, and/or political affiliation is - while very necessary to support our First Amendment - not what Disney's customers and corporate affiliates would consider to be consistent with Disney's family-friendly corporate image.


RJB said...

Great stuff. Thanks for working so hard to assemble the clips. I have linked to your post and many of the clips on my blog. Keep up the fight. I don't care if right wing radio wants to blame Bill Clinton for everything that is wrong in the world, but I'm tired of the hate and violence they promote against anyone with whom they disagree. It turns out that they disagree with the vast majority of Americans.

ripley said...

Thanks for helping to spread the word! This is already Huge.

More to come.... big, big things...

Rip -

RJB said...

Added some contact information for some of KSFO's sponsors to my blog this morning. Corporate executive names and mailing addresses. Need to begin to ask these corporate and community leaders if they stand behind KSFO's advocacy of violence, torture and religious intolerance.