Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Wednesday's Updates

Morning, Gentle Readers. I have a few quick updates for you - first, we have some more news on the KSFO front, as the Michigan Economic Development Corporation drops KSFO like a hot rock. Here, I'll let Spocko tell you about it:

We have our first documented success. I would love if we had an actual letter, but I'll let bluestatedon say it in his own words.

Update: MEDC responds quickly (0 / 0)
After I read last week that the Michigan Economic Development Corporation had advertised on KSFO, I sent emails to James Epolito, MEDC President and CEO, and Lisa Dancsok, MEDC VP for Marketing, Communications and Legislative Affairs, to inform them of the situation. I received a personal response via email that evening from Ms. Dancsok, informing me that they were investigating the situation immediately.

Yesterday, I received a phone call from Jim Epolito himself. He'd already met with with GoverBlogger: Electronic Darwinism - Create Postnor Granholm about the situation, and needless to say she was horrified that money had been spent on advertising on that station.

Yup, recursive quotes again - go to Spocko's Brain for the full story - but the ending might be given away by that word in the last sentence of the excerpt - horrified. Way to go, MEDC, for doing the right thing.

In other news, Eric Boehlert documents the fall (by which, I mean the total loss of credibility) of the right-wing warbloggers at Media Matters. I mention this because - thanks to BlogSoldiers, BlogMad, and BlogExplosion - many of them have my blog inflicted upon them, and I couldn't pass up another opportunity to gloat. Petty of me, true, but I never claimed to be Saint Moody Loner.

Let us wrap this up with a quote from Scarecrow over at Firedoglake from an essay about the punt, Somalia, and preemptive war in general:

Just as it did not matter that as many as 20-30 Pakistanis civilians were killed in an effort to kill some al Qaeda leader thought to be meeting in a Pakistani house, it did not matter that there might have been other Somali people killed in this latest attack and now more follow up US attacks, or that some of the victims were probably innocent, or that we were not even technically at war with those we wanted to attack. We did not do this because Congress passed an Authorization to Use Military Force in Somalia.

No, we did it because our President claims we have the right to murder people in other countries if he decides he wants to do so. And we were in apparent violation of Security Council resolutions, which we helped pass, banning the introduction of weapons into Somalia from outside nations. We are an outside nation. In short, we attacked people in another country because we claim we don’t have to obey any laws anywhere — not ours, not theirs, not the UN’s. And that, my friends, is exactly the belief that terrorists everywhere hold.

'Nuff said - gotta get to work. Peace.

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