Thursday, January 11, 2007

More Fun with Snuff Radio KSFO

Yes, Gentle Reader, another update regarding Spocko's heroic battle against the fascist-wannabes at KSFO. Here's a link to the hate until I can find a way to host the mp3s myself. Here's a video. Here's another video. The more KSFO bawls about people disseminating their hate radio clips, the more I feel compelled to link to them. It's a curse.

Looks like the Chronicle and local TV station CBS 5 have joined the fun - and in a way that will have the cut-rate Limbaughs gnashing their teeth over the liberal media.

Now KSFO's snuff-talkers are claiming that they're the victims in all this - that everyone's picking on them, taking them out of context, and making up lies about what they innocently joke about to their listeners.

To which I respond: Precisely which of the mp3s recorded from KSFO radio shows, in the hosts' own voices, are made-up lies? They were sure as hell willing to stand up to their words when talking to their callers - why are they so reluctant to have their advertisers hear the same shows?

Are they ashamed? Did it occur to them that many companies would be reluctant to have their products mentioned alongside calls to stomp people to death? Maybe someone might wonder about their protestations of innocent humor, when all of their jokes seem to be about killing people.

They want context? How's this for context? Or this?

Yeah, and Spocko's too smart for their candy-ass town-hall setup, as is Mike Stark - as we discover in this press release:

[KSFO Program Director Ken] Barry told me that the show would be call-in only. I expressed my trepidation with regards to that format. After all, having made a name for myself by wallowing in the fetid cesspool that is right wing talk radio, I’m fully aware of disgusting and unfair techniques hosts use to maintain control of the dialogue and marginalize the opposition. Hosts regularly mute microphones, shout over callers, disconnect calls and rant afterwards about the caller that can no longer defend himself or his point of view.

I offered Barry the following proposal. If KSFO is interested in a genuine and reasonable discussion of the important First Amendment issues at play, I would be happy to be a guest on their show for 20 or 30 minutes – or however long they desired. I made clear that I have no interest in a radio cage match; I’m not looking for a shout-fest or name-calling. Put simply, I agree that a free and open exchange of ideas would benefit the San Francisco community and I am willing to advocate for my side with the dignity and decorum decent human beings have come to expect from one another.

Barry sharply dismissed my proposal and told me, like anyone else, I could call in if I wanted to.

They don't give a shit about First Amendment issues unless it's their cushy jobs on the line. They were damned quick to shut down Spocko's blog - but look how they whine when advertisers pull out of their shows, like the world owes them a living sitting indoors threatening, bullying, and spewing hate. They whine that their livelihoods are in danger. Maybe they need to.

If they get too hard up for money - I hear the Army's hiring.

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