Friday, January 12, 2007

KSFO Snuff Radio 'Debate the Critics" Special HOAX

I'm sure you're all astounded to discover that KSFO host Melanie Morgan emailed a bunch of sycophants to bail her ass out of today's "fair and impartial" KSFO special. Hat tip to Zeno for the scoop.

Now, I too was under the impression that this was billed as an opportunity for them to speak to their listeners, advertisers, and community in an honest way. Guess we get another lesson in Bushite honesty.

Here's co-coward Brian Sussman trying to apologize. Here's the actual recording of the incident he's apologizing for. Here's me once again unsurprised at the winger definition of "personal responsibility".

Yeah, the KSFO "face the critics" special is a hoax, and always was. Were they serious about it, they'd invite their critics to a moderated debate on neutral ground. Hell, just having a critic on their show without shouting over him or cutting him off would be a start - although there's no way in Hell I'd do it. No, this was always just about stirring up their base and covering their asses for their advertisers.

[UPDATE} Thanks for the heads-up about the typo in the title. No, really - don't strain yourself or anything.

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