Sunday, January 21, 2007

This Space for Rent: Healing Music and B.S.

Looks like the two bidders for that thumbnail space to your right are as follows:

Daniel Kobialka, Principal 2nd Violinist with the San Francisco Symphony, has put his blog up for your perusal. Go improve yourselves.

Ryan Shattuck has submitted his blog, bullshattuck, for your approval.

In his words:

the bullshattuck blog generally covers a wide variety of topics, from politics and religion, to pop culture and wondering why Muslims aren’t allowed to charge interest. Being that Ryan Shattuck is also mildly self-centered, most of his essays center on himself.
Right. Well, the impartial black d6/3 selects bullshattuck for our renter, but please feel free to stop by both bidders, and tell them Moody sent you.

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