Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Not Exactly Three Amigos

Opened the bidding for that thumbnail space there near the top right-hand column, and here are the three bidders that responded:

Our first bidder is Bacon Tastes Good. Normally I don't give a crap about entertainment blogs, but anybody who likes Heroes that much can't be all bad.

Next, we have an old friend and sparring partner, Peter Porcupine. Yes, one of the last of a dying breed - an actual, honest conservative. Seriously, if more Republicans were like Peter, there would be a lot more about Linux and science fiction on this blog.

Finally, we wind up with Pressing the Flesh. This gets my enthusiastic recommendation, solely for the "Satan Thwarted Once Again In Reclaiming Cheney story.

Looks like Peter Porcupine won the impartial black d6 roll, but I'd like you all to stop by all of this week's bidders and gve them a Moody Loner howdy - and please, I link to these people so clean up after yourselves.

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