Monday, April 09, 2007

God, it IS Like Trying To Follow a Five-Year-Old

Yes, I came across this little tidbit in the Detroit News:

Plug it in, fire it up, Mr. President

The Detroit News

Credit Ford Motor Co. CEO Alan Mulally with saving the leader of the free world from self-immolation.

Mulally told journalists at the New York auto show that he intervened to prevent President Bush from plugging an electrical cord into the hydrogen tank of Ford's hydrogen-electric plug-in hybrid at the White House last week.

Read the article for the rest. Now, I sincerely doubt - unless Ford's designers are hitting the crack pipe even harder than usual - that the electrical cord would even fit into the hydrogen tank, much less set off a conflagration that would immolate the leader of the free world.
No, Mulally was worried about the Smacktard-in-Chief looking any more like the idiot people are beginning to believe he is, so he took steps to cover Bush's ass. Naurally, Bush took steps to resist:

"I just thought, 'Oh my goodness!' So, I started walking faster, and the President walked faster and he got to the cord before I did. I violated all the protocols. I touched the President. I grabbed his arm and I moved him up to the front," Mulally said.
I submit that his thought was closer to "Fucking hell!" than "Oh, my goodness!", but that's just me, as is the emphasis above.

Yeah, you might want to look at that, Mulally. It could be catching, and you'll be snortin' blow, driving while drunk, and avoiding military service. Then comes the dress-up phase, and it's all downhill from there.

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