Thursday, April 12, 2007

Moody Loner gets a Second Life.

Yeah, like I needed something else to eat my free time.

I'm in-world as MoodyLoner Korobase. Avatar subject to change without notice.

Naturally, because I brought up Second Life in the title and led off with it, I'll now talk about something completely different.

So, yeah - about the last story, turns out Mulally was just making shit up.

Relevant quote from the story I found to back it up in the Australian:

The No.2 US carmaker apologised yesterday after Mr Mulally said his claim of intervening to prevent Mr Bush from plugging an electrical cord into the hydrogen tank of an experimental Ford vehicle had been meant as a joke.

Ford said Mr Mulally never expected the story he told journalists in New York last week would be taken seriously.

The CEO found himself in an embarrassing situation when the story was featured on blogs and even in mainstream media like the Financial Times, which said "he may have saved the incumbent of the Oval Office from blowing himself up".

Of course, I found a journalistic source to back up the first story, too. Naturally, this is all the bloggers' fault.

Now, if I wanted to go all Glenn Reynolds on y'all, I'd point out that while the story is in itself false, that the CEO of a major automaker is mocking Bush to journalists gives the story a sort of "meta-truthiness"...ah, but fuck it.

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