Sunday, August 26, 2007

Minuteman Snuff Video Saga Part I - Wherein I Pray It's Faked

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First off, props to Casey Sanchez at Hatewatch.

Okay, I was hoping someone else would diary this - and I hope to Christ this video is fake.

Was doing my daily system install surfing when I happened across the Southern Poverty Law Center's Hatewatch site - and a stunning video that certainly looks, to my untrained eye, to be one of those "brave" Minutemen watching the border murdering an unarmed man.

I'm going to quote the post at Hatewatch. They also have the video there, I'm not going to embed it here even if I could.

The video, filmed with night-vision equipment and low in quality, is not always easy to understand. Here is a detailed description:

The footage starts by showing a single figure wearing a backpack sneaking along a rugged desert trail. A male voice, off-camera, says: "I got him. He’s low crawling. Guy with a backpack. I betcha it’s probably full of dope."

And here - after a few minutes - is where it gets uglier:

At this point in the video, the backpack-wearing figure begins to slowly emerge from behind the rock outcropping. "You know what? I’m going to take a fucking shot," the first voice says. There are two flashes of light and the sound of two semi-automatic rifle shots in quick succession. The figure wearing the backpack appears to fly backward and drop from view.

Please take a look and tell me this is faked. American citizens are not lurking at the border, shooting people for sport.

Are they?

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