Sunday, August 26, 2007

Minuteman Snuff Video Saga Part II - Wherein I Has an Enemy

Crossposted from Daily Kos:

Okay, I'm still not certain how I got this as my issue - but I wanted to give y'all some updates on my last diary.

Plus to lighten the mood a little, I'd like to take a moment to discuss the guy smack-talking behind my back at Democratic Underground as well.

Yes, bet y'all didn't know I was an 3-l33t h4xx0r and t3h right hand of Kos, as well as his biggest problem. Came as a stunner to me, too. The things you learn on t3h interwebs.

Okay, first the serious.

David Neiwert has picked up the story over on Orcinus and provided analysis. While it's his opinion that the bulk of the video appears authentic and the gravesite coda is faked, he's not willing to call it either, absent an investigation by law enforcement.

It's also being covered on Colorado Confidential.

Hope anyone interested downloaded it, because I hear YouTube pulled the video for violating their service agreement. Those of you thinking I'm giving undue attention to right-wing propaganda, take note. Those of you uncomfortable with YouTube hosting snuff films, I share your sigh of relief.

I also wanted to point out Duncanives' insightful comment, highlight ImpeachKingBushII's action, and for fairness' sake, some concerns by phrogge prince.

While the jury's still out, I said I would keep y'all updated, and that's every development I know of. Holler if you hear something.

On a lighter note, this little incident introduced me to a charming fellow over at Democratic Underground by the nom de guerre of Thunder Rising.

Yeah, I know - but as he both apparently reads Kos and felt no shame in going behind my back, this is completely fair.

Anyway, our brave investigative reporter, Mr. Rising, discovered a secret, grave threat menacing Daily Kos, the progressive netroots, and the very fabric of the spacetime continuum itself - Moody Loner.


Yes, hijinks ensue. He also takes some time out of his busy schedule to call me names. Apparently, Democratic Underground doesn't have the "calling-out" rule for titles that The Daily Kos has.

However, his talk quickly went to GBCW when he found out I was on my way over to inquire directly just what the hell he thought his problem was. I was going to say that he screamed like a little girl and fled, but in the interests of fairness and accuracy I tested it with my own daughter by unexpectedly sticking my head in through the kitchen window and making faces at her.

Okay, let's just say that Brave Sir Rising did not scream and fling a ketchup bottle at my head, and leave it at that.

So, to recap:

Story at Hatewatch.
Video not directly linked to here. YouTube yanked it anyway.
Further analysis at Orcinus and Colorado Confidential.
I'm still not a front-pager at the Daily Kos. Nor do I speak for the site.
Oh, and we need ketchup.

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