Sunday, August 26, 2007

Minuteman Snuff Video Saga Part III - Wherein My Prayers are Answered

Crossposted from the Daily Kos:

Again, don't know how I wound up with this, but my prayers have been answered - the video I found here and updated about here has been claimed by Robert Crooks, leader of the Mountain Minutemen, to be faked.

Again, hat tip to Casey Sanchez at Hatewatch, and more below the fold.

[edit] imagine a fold here.

Here's the first three paragraphs of Casey's story - read the rest at Hatewatch:

For the first time, Robert Crooks, leader of California’s nativist extremist Mountain Minutemen, has admitted to filming and posting videos (here and here) that seem to depict an undocumented immigrant being shot on the border. But Crooks now says the video was staged.

"Who in their right mind is going to shoot a smuggler, videotape it, then post it to YouTube?" Crooks asked KGTV 10News in San Diego.

That’s a change from last week, when Crooks, in an E-mail to the Intelligence Report, insisted he neither filmed the video nor posted it to a video-sharing site. A local police spokesman told 10News the video did appear to be fake.

Yeah, Robert, its that whole "in their right mind" bit where y'all fall down, but thank God it wasn't the death of an unarmed man that we saw - just the fantasy of a bunch of gun-toting nutjobs down there, watching the border through their scopes.

Yeah, it's not often an agnostic gets his prayers answered - and I'm casually curious as to when the terrorism charges get leveled against him and his "Minuteman" buddies. Hell, Jose Padilla is looking at life in prison for less than this.

Hey, I promised an update when I learned more, and now we know.

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