Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Week in Review:

Okay - to help me add content to my blog, and to get some kind of schedule established, I'm going to take Sunday mornings to do a Week in Review.

This will probably be a quick intro and a list of links to things I think are important, interesting, or weird that happened in (or that I came across in) the past week.

There may well be random weirdness and pictures of a cat involved.

And, to get practice in doing a weekly series, I'll sacrifice one of my daily diaries at the Daily Kos to languish, unread, bearing this content.

So, the Week in Review:

Because I am what I Am, let's start with the news that Hasbro/WOTC is releasing a Fourth Edition of Dungeons and Dragons - news that I would normally greet with cartwheels of sarcasm and misery, were there such a thing and were I able to do cartwheels.

Nevertheless, I hear that feats and prestige classes are gone which in itself is enough for me to give it a look, even though they're claiming to have simplified it yet again - one wonders if Fifth Edition is going to be printed in cave pictograms and require rocks. Yes, the Geico cavemen can bite me.

Oh, I'm sorry - you want some real primal screams of outrage? Read this article from the Rolling Stone.

Ohh, this is going to go well.

The Democrats are threatening to kick Florida's electors out. Like that's going to happen.

Justice finally comes for two teens murdered before I was born.

Oh, and some idiot is comparing Iraq to Vietnam. God, it's like he's not even trying anymore. I, of course think no national re-exploration of Vietnam is complete without exploring the part that Five Deferments Dick and AWOL the Chimp played in avoiding it personally while demanding that others go to die in their place.

Okay, drop your own tidbits that you've discovered over the week in the comments.

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