Tuesday, July 18, 2006

And Lo, The Humiliation of America Continues

Apparently, Our Leader spent the G8 conference boozing it up, insulting his host and the other world leaders, stuffing his face while Tony Blair tried to talk to him about the Middle East, and generally making an ass of himself. Again.

Lecturing Russia about freedom and democracy is bad enough, Mr. Unitary Executive. But bringing up Iraq as an example? Either you really have no fucking idea what's happening there, or you think that a fundamentalist theocracy with a destroyed infrastructure that's on the brink (or well in the throes in, if you're the kind of person that actually listens to Iraqis) of a bitter civil war is the very model of democracy and freedom.

Oh, wait - they painted a school. Time to celebrate!

I'm wondering, is Iraq's current situation then the Republican model for America? I'm sure that the other G8 leaders are wondering that too - or they will, once they're done wondering just who the hell was idiotic enough to give this mouth-breather the keys to the Oval Office.

God damn it, I thought that the Republicans were at least bright enough not to let him go to one of these things without a chimp-wrangler - you know, somebody to make sure he doesn't get into the drinks and fling shit.

Oh, an update for those that don't think Bush was drinking. True, one documented beer isn't boozing it up, thus the "apparently". On the other hand, he's admitted to being an alcoholic, and alcoholics don't stop at one. Let's put it this way - our alternative is to believe that that's his behavior stone cold sober.


iiq374 said...

Gotta admit when I saw Dubya bring up Iraq as a "shining" example of democracy I just about choked on my drink.

Although Putins dry "I'm not sure we want the kind of democracy Iraq has" was pretty funny too!

PS - can you turn off the pop up comments - they don't play nice with coComment.

Whymrhymer said...

I looked hard but couldn't find the link to the news story that reported Bush to be drunk at the G8 -- did you forget to link the story or . . .

. . . OR did you just decide that's what happened and decided to report it as fact?

LittleOrangeFox said...

no way! he got wasted too?

Bush rocks!

=P Nah I'm really with Whymy on this on. There really isnt nothing about reported him actually being drunk but one drink to a liberal I guess means drunk if someone was an alocholic 20 years ago. (as long as it is a republican we are talking about and not a Kennedy).

But how cool would that be if he had been!