Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Week in Review: Oh, Look - A Handbasket.

Well, apparently the Secretary of State won't consider cease-fire negotiations unless they can produce a "lasting peace". Has anybody mentioned to her that every American administration since, oh, Eisenhower has failed at doing precisely that? Perhaps she thinks our German-groping chimp of a president is a long-term strategic thinker - he certainly does.

Well, while Israel isn't invading Lebanon again - the last Orwellian doublespeak I heard describing it was a "delayed cease-fire" - we've had worse violence in Iraq. I hear that the Iraqi government is moving on Plan B: Partitioning. That sound you hear is that of a unified Iraq going bye-bye. There goes the "stable Middle Eastern democracy" justification. Next!

Hey, not to worry, there's that other Middle Eastern democracy we said we'd support. Which country was that? Oh yeah, Lebanon.

On the home front, Chimpy said that stem cell research is A-OK if private companies do it, but we can't make it available to everyone 'cause that would be murder. Makes about as much sense as, oh, cutting short your vacation to interfere in someone's private medical decisions, then eating cake with your buddies while New Orleans drowns.

At least it has finally occurred to the Chimp-in-Chief that people distrust him, and Republicans in general. And boy, do they have reason.

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