Sunday, July 23, 2006

This Space for Rent: Look Who's Back

Looks like my only bidder this week is LittleOrangeFox over at OutlawRepublican. Here we go again. Well, on the bright side, she hasn't threatened my life or published my name and address. Yet.

I'm still not convinced she isn't pulling a Jesus' General. I mean, come on - a logo for the 101st Fighting Keyboardists? With a chickenhawk?

Still, whatever. Head on over and enjoy the show. And don't piss her off, or she'll be mean to you and call you names, or something.


LittleOrangeFox said...

You flatter me ^_^ but seriously, I couldn't get space anywheres man! Even those right wingin blogs! Not to say I settled but I bet you get a lot of visits...yea ^_^ I had 200 creds floating around and had to do something with em =P So I tossed em out to some old fans (I know you are one of my biggest ;)

Chickenhawks are fierce! Well to chickens. Read the history of it before you jest at it.

When have I called names? Well personally anyway...I do love group insulting though

LittleOrangeFox said...

For no reason related to blogging, what is your address =P I owe you a fruit basket man!

Moody Loner said...

Sure, I'll get right on that - after I find a good maildrop company that accepts pseudonyms.

What, you don't think I'll make it easy on y'all, do you? Well, any easier than I already have, at any rate.

I'm surprised that you couldn't get adspace on any of your fellow keyboard warriors on the Right, but you're always welcome here - why, my traffic goes up considerably when you're renting, and some of the visitors manage to refrain from threatening my life.

LittleOrangeFox said...

no way, traffic goes Up?

Well hey, if your libby friends threatened you then they would be the opposite of what they claim to be: Open minded. So rest assured a TRUE liberal would not have a problem who you rented to. Unless they were a pshyco liberal (Brad anyone?) =P

This is a compliment you will take as an insult. I find you moderate compared to most liberal blogs. =P As in I can come back and visit and not feel sick to my stomach. Maybe thats why your traffic goes up, you have lurking conservative readers who come out of morbid curiosity =^_^=