Friday, July 14, 2006

This Space for Rent: Sell Out with Me

Went to go rent that thumbnail space again, and my only bidder was Free Samples and Products Online. I'm not sure if they're on the up-and-up, and I don't have either the time or the inclination to go check all those links to find out if they're for real or an exercise in spam targeting.

That, Gentle Reader, is where you come in. If you post in the comments that they're OK, I'll set up some sort of temporary link to them and post about it on the front page. If you say they're full of it, I will post that, too. If I get nothing, I'll just pretend we didn't have this little conversation.

Look on the bright side. This is your chance to be an investigative journalist.

God, this whole renting thing is getting ludicrous, isn't it?


Matt Butcher said...

I don't think they're on the up and up.

Useless Man said...

I wish I'd bid... ! If nothing else, to get people to investigate me.

Bring on your paparazzi.

Moody Loner said...

Yes! Fear my minions, for they will flock to your site, hammering your server with up to tens of hits, and then the one that draws the short straw will report back while the rest go on with their lives.


Man, I wish I had paparazzi.